Mindful Awareness in Public Safety Training Institute

Helping Public Safety Responders Find Mindfulness In Their Lives

Welcome to the Mindful Awareness in Public Safety Training Institute (MAPSti).

MAPSti was created by former Law Enforcement and Fire Officers who both study and embody mindfulness.

  • MAPSti offers the full 8-week, 9 session MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course - developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • MAPSti also offers individual and group facilitation in mindfulness and dialogue practices inspired by;
    • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) - Jon Kabat-Zinn
    • Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) - Kristin Neff and Chris Germer
    • Edge States - Joan Halifax, and
    • Active Engagement: Mindful Leadership – Steven Wirth

Please check out our "About Us" section for more info about our teachers our training, experience, and why we believe in what we teach.

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Online Mindfulness Classes

The presence of the COVID-19 pandemic and then emergence of National discomfort surrounding systemic racism have resulted in particular challenges for public safety. We here at MAPSti are offering rob..

8-Week MBSR Training

IN PERSON LEARNING IS NOT AVAILABLE DURING THE PANDEMIC  You are invited to consider a 70% discount and enroll in our LIVE ONLINE classes. Mindfulness: Changing your relationship with the pr..

Mindfulness for Mental Health Providers

This 1-day, 7.5-hour experiential retreat developed for mental health professionals, more specifically for those working with public safety workers.  During this retreat participants practice min..

Finding Mindfulness in Public Safety

This 1-day, 7.5-hour experiential retreat developed for public safety personnel,introduces the practice of cultivating mindfulness so that we may be grounded and aware in the present moment. During th..

Active Engagement: Mindful Leadership

Active Engagement: The Practice of Mindful LeadershipA training process for cultivating the collective wisdom and effectiveness of organizations and individuals.WhatThis training serves as an introduc..

Additional Teaching Services

We offer additional Teaching Services to support the practices and challenges that arise in the journey of waking up mindfully. These Teaching Services can be done individually or in a group setting; ..


Strengthening Core Values thru Mindful Awareness

Strengthening Core Values thru Mindful Awareness

Mark Foreman, PsyD – March 7, 2020

The morning of March 5th, 2020 unfolded with a deep reminder of the power of things all us caregivers, therapists, teachers, parents, 1st and retired 1st responders carry. March 5th is the anniversary date of the Santana School shooting (circa 2001) and March 1985 the anniversary of line-of-duty death of Officer Tom Riggs and wounding of Officer Donovan Jacobs & ride-along, Sara Pena-Ruiz.

Most 1st responders possess a strong sense of Noble Cause: A drive to help those who can’t help themselves; to rescue those in harms way; to protect others from wrongdoing. Noble Cause is fueled by a sense of compassion. Those in public safety do the work at the outset because they care so much. Caring is at each first responder’s heart and informs a core value from which integrity flourishes. Integrity is exactly the sense that allows first responders to sacrifice their safety and wellness to act upon that Noble Cause.

When the Noble Cause is realized and felt, it results in an experience of Moral Elevation. Moral Elevation is just recently being studied by sociologists, neurologists, psychologists and other researchers. Moral Elevation is often felt in the body and accompanied by experiencing the emotion of Awe. 

Learn more about Moral Elevation and other related Moral elements that remind us of our humanity. Learn also that mindful awareness and compassion practices can help us strengthen our sense of integrity and protect our core values. 

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Bringing Awe to Joy

Bringing Awe to Joy

The experience of Awe and Joy are important parts of being human. Yet Awe emotion can feel strange and overwhelming. This video not only describes the emotion awe and the various flavors associated with it. The 2nd part offers a guided mindful awareness meditation practice of Bringing the Awe experience to Joy.

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