Finding Mindfulness in Public Safety

Finding Mindfulness in Public Safety

This 1-day, 7.5-hour experiential retreat developed for public safety personnel,introduces the practice of cultivating mindfulness so that we may be grounded and aware in the present moment. During this retreat we practice mindfulness while exploring the cultivation of self-compassion, identifying core values, learning to ground in real-time and strengthening personal integrity so that we may live wholeheartedly,improve resilience, and well being.

This training introduces mindfulness in a purposeful way that will allow a learning environment to grow experientially. For many of us this is the first time to inhabit the present moment without judgement, being open, curious, and compassionate with ourselves and others. During our time we explore grounding in core values, then move to reinforce this deep dive into mindfulness with grounded awareness and ways to find grounding in the midst of chaos.

Students are introduced to frameworks for continuing meditation practices and leave with practical tools that can be beneficial to their well being in difficult situations at work and home as well as in navigating life.

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