Active Engagement: Mindful Leadership

Active Engagement: Mindful Leadership

Active Engagement: The Practice of Mindful Leadership

A training process for cultivating the collective wisdom and effectiveness of organizations and individuals.


This training serves as an introduction to the process of Active Engagement ™. It is a prerequisite for other Active Engagement workshops, as well as the two-year Active Engagement practicum. It provides both skills, experience and a theoretical framework to support participants in translating the learning to their real worlds.


Organizations and communities have tremendous power and potential to influence our world. Yet, far too often, our experience of them is disappointing at best and destructive at worst. Bright, competent, caring individuals commonly feel stymied by bureaucracy, ‘politics’ and conflict in business, education, healthcare and professional communities alike.

This training process will develop and deepen participants’ ability to communicate and work with organizations, leaders and individuals, to respond more effectively to the obstacles and challenges they face. In essence, it uses the skills and theory of learning organizations and unites these with powerful mindfulness practices from the great traditions. This synthesis creates broad new possibilities.

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