Online Mindfulness Classes

Online Mindfulness Classes

The presence of the COVID-19 pandemic and then emergence of National discomfort surrounding systemic racism have resulted in particular challenges for public safety. We here at MAPSti are offering robust services using online learning platforms.

Those working within public safety may be experiencing personal challenges and inner discomfort. 

Mindful Awareness can be practiced in many settings. During the pandemic, mindfulness students and teachers are finding the online mode of practice allows for continuing learning and practice while supporting safe distancing. Online practice is showing to enhance our sense of connection while being physically distanced. 

Learning, practicing and cultivating mindful awareness gives us a foundation to strengthen our resilience in times of adversity. Resilience is simply the ability to bounce back from adversity. 

Mindfulness then also allows us to stay connected with our empathy and compassion, resulting in stronger connections in relationships and even with strangers.

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